New Home Inspections

New Home Stages of Inspection

Pre Base Pour

We inspect all steel works to make sure they have been completed before the slab pour.
We inspect and check that the works have been carried out as per engineering and plans.
We inspect retaining walls as per the plans, this may be carried out as part of the Pre Base Pour inspection if the retaining walls have been completed at this time.


Our base and frame inspection is a detailed inspection covering the concrete slab and frame compliance.
Our base inspection inspects for levels, cracks, steel decay, concrete blowouts and vapour barrier compliance.
Our frame inspection inspects for compliance of timber members, connections, bracing, level and straightness of frame and much more.
We recommend that this inspection be carried out prior to roof installation.

Pre Plaster

Our Pre plaster inspection inspects for previous defect rectifications from other inspections, wall straightening, cornice lines, plumbing works, electrical works, brickwork for compliance.
It is best to inspect before insulation is installed.

Pre Paint/Fixing

Our Pre Paint/Fixing inspection inspects for compliance of plaster works, doors, architraves, skirtings, cabinetry, windows and much more.

This inspection covers all aspects of the plasterwork as well as the skirts, architraves and cornices. We will check all doors & windows as well as fittings and fixtures including
If the waterproofing has been completed and is able to be inspected at this time, we will inspect this at this stage.


Our waterproofing inspections inspect for compliance of membrane locations, workmanship and compliance. Water causes costly damage to homes and if waterproofing is done correctly, will avoid damage to these areas.
Termites love wet areas.
Waterproofing is required to be applied to wet areas of houses including, Bathrooms, Powder rooms, Laundries and Balconies,


Our Final inspection is carried out when the house is fully complete as per the contract.
Once you have received the notice of completion and the final claim invoice from the Builder, it is time to schedule the final inspection. It is preferable to have this inspection conducted at the same time as the new home presentation /walk through presentation with the builder. We ask our client to confirm with their builder that the certificate of occupancy has been obtained prior to this final inspection.
If a HIA contract is the agreement, please refer to Section 36 & 37 for the final stage of the house and providing their builder with a list of known defects. It is recommended to ensure that the house is 100% complete as per their building contract prior to scheduling the final inspection.