Pre Purchase Inspections

Why you need a pre-purchase building inspection

Peace of mind your new investment is free of costly defects

Understand possible maintenance and repair costs

Identify damage caused by termites, timber & other pests

Identify asbestos risks

A Pre Purchase Building Inspection will help you

Make a good financial decision or strong investment

Plan your renovations and repair projects

Confirm the property is worth the asking price

Avoid costly oversights

Building and pest damage to houses can cost a lot of money to fix, that you did not plan on spending. With a Galbuilt Pre Purchase Building Inspection report, we will identify these issues before you commit to the sale.

When you have this information, you can make a clear decision about whether or not it is a good investment or a bad investment and avoid costly oversights. If there are defects the report may help you in the negotiation for a fairer price.

A Galbuilt Pre Purchase Building Inspection will identify

  • Any Safety Hazards
  • Any Major defects
  • Any Minor Defects (and further damage if left unattended)
  • Assessment of overall condition of property
  • Water leaks
  • Poor workmanship

Understand your investment

Never judge a book by its cover. The property you’re purchasing may seem great on face value, however, it may have many defects and problems that you can’t see and potentially costing thousands of dollars to rectify.

A Galbuilt Pre Purchase Building Inspection and Building Report will help you understand your investment before you purchase.

The smartest decision you can make prior to purchasing a property is to invest in a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection. It will inform you of the property condition so you are aware of if it is going to be a smart investment or costly one.

If there are defects the report may help you in the negotiation for a fairer price.

Pre Purchase Building Inspections start from $300

Whats Involved in a Pre Purchase Building Inspection completed?

A visual inspection of all accessible areas is carried out along with the use of specialty tools including but not limited too, Moisture meters, Thermal imaging cameras and more.

Where accessible, we inspect areas of the property including Roof Exterior, Roof Interior or roof void, Beneath the floor where applicable, The interior and exterior of the house, The site itself including drainage, retaining walls and fencing and other outbuildings like garage, carports and sheds

We document evidence of building defects including photos and understandable explanations of the defects.  We then collate and present these defects into our comprehensible Building Report.

What is excluded?

  • Compliance with the building regulations and acts.
  • Below ground issues(footage, draining, soil conditions)
  • Concealed areas within the walls including areas such as insulation, plumbing and electric wiring.
  • Second story roofs can be inspected by prior arrangement as these require safety measures to be in place.
  • There are always exclusions but we will help you make an individual assessment about the level of risk they present in each home.

All pre purchase inspections are visual only, and will always exclusions. However, we will help you make an individual assessment about the level of risk they present.

Why our Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

We provide an easy to understand report, usually within 24 hours of your inspection. You can then discuss the report in detail with us. We are registered builders with with extensive experience in construction throughout Victoria.

The report will identify:

  • Safety hazards, (including suspected Asbestos or structural hazards)
  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Images of defects and highlighted in the report
  • A summary of information of defect, Works required and trades to appoint.

Building and pest inspection

A building and pest inspection not only looks at the structural soundness of the building, it also identifies any pest issues, past or present.

Pests including termites, wood borers, mould and fungus’ costs property owners a lot of money and extensive damage to your property and can put everyone’s health and safety at risk. Melbourne suburbs are populated with these pests.

Damage and risks caused by pests cannot always be visible, so for your investment a pest inspection is the smartest thing you could do.
Your building and pest inspector will provide you with a detailed report identifying any past, current or potential pest issues for the property.